Selling brand new Form2 U.S

I have a brand new Form2 in the box that I am looking to sell. U.S. shipping ONLY.
Plus 1 un-opened clear catridge and 1 un-opened tough cartridge. I also have a very slightly used extra build platform, resin tank, and about a 1/3 cartridge of tough resin. My first machine was defective and Formlabs was nice enough to send me a replacement machine which came with a brand new tank and platform. I’d love to try it out and see what a proper working Form2 could do but I figure its best to put it up for sale while its still in the box. They have no return policy but, great support and I’m sure this replacement will work as expected.

$ make an offer.
Good opportunity for someone to save a little money and months of anticipation.

Could maybe ship to Canada if it’s not too much of a hassle.

Hi Ray,

I am interested in purchasing your machine. We can offer you $3,000, and you can bill our UPS account number for shipping.

We are here in Boston Massachusetts. Feel free to give me a call 603-475-1570, or an email at

Have a great day,

Have you sold it yet?

I teach at a Junior College and we are looking to add a 3D printing curriculum. We are just north of Chicago. What area is your printer located. If close enough, I would drive to your location. Daniel

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