Form 1 + for sale in LA

Apologies in advance for the wall of text, made sense to just put all the info out there for ya.

Form 1 + sales pitch:

I bought the printer for $3520.09 + materials
Resins cost $150/L + tax and shipping
Print Trays cost $59 + tax and shipping
A new Form 1 + is currently priced on Formlabs site for $2799 + tax and shipping + materials
I’ve seen some on ebay for $2329 without materials, attached pic

I’m selling my Form 1 + for $2000.00 total including everything you see below.

Whats included:
Form 1 + 3D SLA printer

  • Build Platform

  • USB and power cables

  • Form Finish kit which includes:
    2 plastic soaking containers
    1 base work platform
    1 scraper
    1 modeling clipper
    1 tweezer
    1 squeeze bottle

In addition, I’m throwing in my remaining materials so you can get started printing right away
1L new grey resin
0.5L white resin
3 print trays, of which 2 are new and the third is lightly used

I’m also including these extras:
100 pack of Black Nitrile gloves
Pack of PEC Pads for cleaning the mirrors
Microfiber cloth for dusting

If all that is not enough for you, I’m happy to add a free 1-hour personal demo on prepping and sending a model to print, operating the printer, print extraction and print cleanup.
I’ll also get you a discount to my online 3D printing class, so you’ll know everything I know,

In total, you’re getting a $4000+ value for $2200.

History of this printer:
This is my first 3d printer so I’ve cared for it like a child.
I bought it refurbished almost exactly one year ago on June 1, 2015.
It’s been a solid workhorse, here are just a few of the things I’ve printed on it, attached image “things Ive printed”
I had a 100% success rate till September when the large reflective mirror was smudged.
Formlabs sent me a brand new mirror to install and since then I’ve been running strong.
Here’s something I printed recently, attached image “recently printed”
So you’re getting a practically new, one year old printer with a 6 month old mirror, both of which should run smoothly for 5+ years.

Why I’m selling:
Because I bought a Form 2 and I don’t have space for 2 printers.

Here’s the icing on the cake, I still have till June 1 2016 on the manufacturer warranty from Formlabs. Meaning if within 2 weeks of purchase and testing, if you are getting failures or unhappy for any reason, I can have the printer sent in to be refurbished yet again.

I want you to be fully assured of this awesome high resolution printer’s capability so the sooner you buy the better. Everything is packed in it’s original packaging. I can take it out for the demo and repack it.
If you want to buy it but you’re not in LA, you’ll have to pay for shipping.

That’s all of the sales pitch! Here’s all the photos:

Hi Im local and interested, how can i contact you?

You can email me at

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