Form1 For Sale - in UK

I haven’t had my Form1 for very long, but it’s done everything I need it to do and I’ve now run out of projects for it! I don’t like the thought of letting it sit unused for a long while until I need it again, so I’m reluctantly letting it go.

Included in this sale:

  • Form1 Printer
  • 1x part-used 1L bottle of Formlabs clear (about half)
  • 1x part-used 500ml bottle of MakerJuice green (about half)
  • 1x full unused 500ml bottle of makerjuice black
  • 4 used resin tanks in a range of conditions, to be honest 2 are heading for needing replacement but are included in case you want to replace the PDMS layers on them.
  • 1 brand new orange tank in packaging, bought recently and not used.
  • all power and connection leads
  • Cleaning kit with a few extra bits, including a silicone spatula (much prefer this to the metal one when using with the tanks), two click-seal plastic tanks (no mesh bit, it wasn’t supplied to me), and tiny nail scissors, perfect for clipping the supports off with. The plastic base for the cleaning kit came to me with a broken bit on the corner, I have the piece but haven’t glued it back in, this is just cosmetic. There is also a little plastic jug which I didn’t photograph.

Extra items to get to you started:

  • PecPads for mirror cleaning
  • 2x bottles of Novus1 Acrylic Cleaner for cleaning the OUTSIDE of the resin tanks
  • RainX for protecting the PDMS layer on the tanks. This is unused, I planned on treating the PDMS layer on the brand new tank (as recommended on this forum), but didn’t get round to it as I was using the used tanks for my prints.
  • UV Curing lamp to help post-cure your prints after cleaning.

The printer is currently in-situ and can be seen powered up, it has been doing a great job, I can show you my most recent prints and it comes with the original box (I don’t have the box for the cleaning kit). The cleaning tanks have some IPA in them which will help get you started but it has been used. The orange hood on the printer has some minor crazing along the front edge, I think this is pretty normal on used machines.

Asking £1500 (reduced from £1600 17/4), this price will include a custom Really Useful Box tower to store all your accessories in. Located in Northampton, central England, I won’t ship the printer but I do travel about a bit so might be able to arrange pickup/handover from somewhere nearer to the buyer if that helps.

Ever travel north across the border? And just to confirm, is this a form 1 or 1+?

@Gary_Cairns I don’t often go over the border but do go to North Yorkshire a bit. Would that help at all? This is the Form1 printer, I’ve just dropped the price on it a bit, too.

Still a bit far south I’m afraid. I’m based around 25 miles north of Aberdeen. All the best selling the printer.

Hi Gary, no worries, I’m sorry I can’t stretch to a trip to Scotland (unless you fancy covering the petrol?). I went round the Highlands once and it is very beautiful up there, wouldn’t mind an excuse to head that way again.

Knocked a bit off the price.

The printer has now been sold.

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