From1+ For Sale - US Preferred

Ive had my Form1+ for a couple of months. Ive run about 15 prints on it. Works great, no problems. Just need to invest my time in another project so my Form1+ will just be sitting around.

Original purchase price - $3299 + tax and shipping

Sale price - $2900 + shipping
Includes everything included in original package and the remaining grey resin (roughly 1/2 of the bottle)

Let me know if anyone has any questions. Im located in Charlotte, NC



I live in Atlanta and have been interested in this printer for a while. I would be willing to meet you half way.
Contact me at Very interested in pictures of the equipment and what type of work you have been doing with it.



Email sent! Thanks!

Hey @Don_Crawford - sent you an email. let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

I am interested. I have the form 1 and would like to now buy the Plus.

Email me at with how you’d like to do the transaction.

Sold the printer yet?

Printer has been sold. Thanks for all the interest!

I have a Form 1+, still in the box, never been opened. It is excess to my needs at this time. Best offer over $2900.

Includes everything included in original package plus four resin tanks and two full bottles of resin and roughly 1/2 of a bottle of clear resin.

Let me know if anyone has any questions. Im located in Las Vegas, NV.



I’m in central Indiana just north of Indy. I’m just about to buy a Form1+ so I’m interested. Any idea of shipping costs?
If the unit is new, why the half bottle of resin? Email me at

I would like to sell my Form 1+ as well. It has about a month of use, in perfect condition. Included: finish kit, 3 resin trays, clear (1/4 bottle), black (1/4 bottle) and flexible (3/4) bottle resin. I will include my UV curing sterilizer cabinet, novus plastic polish, 2 bottles of IPA, UV laser pointer, UV goggles, and nitrile gloves.

A buyer in NYC is preferred so that it won’t need to be shipped. $3,000 takes it all.


I’m in if you can’t find a NYC buyer.
Located in California.