Form 1+ For sale - Houston, TX, $1500 w/ new resin & tank

I’ve got a form 1+ to sell. I’m in the Houston area, and will arrange delivery with the buyer. I’d rather not ship this given the headaches involved with that (and the quantity/type of extra items included).

Items for sale are:
Form 1+ printer (low hours, probably <50hr, clean inside and out)
Brand New resin tank, unused
Brand New liter of clear resin, full
Power supply
USB cable
2 Alcohol rinse tanks (tupperware storage containers, not original, better in my opinion)
Parts strainer
Finishing kit tray
Absorbent pad
2 combs, different sizes
~half 1 gal bottle 91% isopropyl alcohol
Alcohol rinse squeeze bottle

Price is $1500.

I just spent some time cleaning and dusting the mirrors and interior cavity so it’s clean and ready to go. And as you can probably tell from the items listed, I’m trying to include enough to immediately get you started with you first few prints. This printer was a ‘Form 1 → Form 1+ upgrade program’ printer.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Is your printer still for sale?

Is it still available?

Yes, the printer is still available.

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