I will buy your Form1!

WANTED: Form1 printer for sale

This printer seems to be the best quality/price SLA machine currently available ! Unfortunately I came after the kickstarter campaign ended, so the fastest and cheapest way to get one now is to buy from a customer who doesn’t want his/her for some reason.

I will buy at kickstarter price ! that is, if you pledged for example $2,699 then that’s what I will give you for it.
If some resin has been used you should deduce the volume used based on the retail price of 1L. If you live in the USA I would be interested in getting 2 extra litters of resin.
The machine of course has to be working properly and include everything it came with.
Because it’s still a lot of money I will request that you send me a copy of your pledge as well as the serial number of the machine. The payment will be done through PayPal and the sale will probably be done on eBay (if there’s a way to authorise buyers).

If you live in Europe you’ll be favored.

So if you have a Form1 to sell, reply to this thread and send me an email using the address on that link (spambot protection) :


Can’t you still pre-order through the FormLabs website?

I could but it’s 2 months longer and ≈$300 more expensive - I’ll do it in last resort.

So you’ll only pay their kickstarter price and want it to go through eBay/Paypal meaning they’ll lose more money on it?  And then they also paid for shipping to get it to them?  Wow, sign me up!  lol  I guess if someone REALLY wanted to get rid of it maybe.

Don’t be an idiot. eBay/PayPal is to secure the transaction. They paid for their shipping I’ll pay for mine. Nothing unusual here. And selling a used good at its brand new price is already a great deal. Maybe you’re thinking that owners should make a profit just because there is low supply and high demand…

Oh, so I’m an idiot huh?  The price of the Form1 is 3299 for anyone that wants to buy one now.  If you missed out on the kickstarter that’s your problem, not mine.  At one point I considered selling it, but I sure as hell wouldn’t sell it at a loss.  Your offer includes a pretty big loss with you coming out paying no more than the Kickstarter price and didn’t even have to front the money 10 months ago.  I’m not sure how you think that’s a reasonable offer unless you think someone is desperate to sell.  It’s a free world and you’re welcome to make whatever offers you want, but I’m also free to give my opinion and tell you that maybe you’d get more interest with a more reasonable offer.    As far as thinking owners should make a profit because there’s low supply and high demand… last I checked, that’s called free market economy and is a cornerstone of our country.  Personally, I wasn’t looking to make a profit, but I definitely wouldn’t sell it at a loss.  After all, I’m not an idiot.

My offer doesn’t include a loss as I’ll pay them the same price they paid (read again). Of course if they are willing to send the printer before receiving the money then we won’t need an intermediary, but who’s gonna accept this. You don’t seem to be aware of or agree with the market’s law that make a good loses 1/3 of its value after it’s used, so good luck reselling your stuff without losing money !

You do realize that FormLabs just started shipping last week, right?  Not many people have them yet, so most likely if someone agrees to sell it to you NOW that the printer will probably be brand new.  Also not sure where you learned math, but if you offer someone the same amount they paid for it and eBay/Paypal take 15%, they will be taking a loss.  2700 * .15 = 405 dollars.  That’s a pretty big loss in my opinion.  And if you think someone is going to ship it to you without payment, better think again.  My suggestion for you, if you really want to get one of these printers, make an offer that covers the costs of doing the transaction so the seller doesn’t lose money.  As someone who missed the kickstarter and wants something that’s in high demand, you should be prepared to pay a slightly higher price.  After all, kickstarter works the same way.  People lucky enough to get in early paid less than people that got in late.  Why should you be any different?   Hell, maybe someone will come along and go for your deal but I’d be surprised.

You come off as giant douche, i hope nobody sells you a form 1


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