Would like to sell my Form1

I got a Form1 by backing on Kickstarter. The machine is pretty amazing at the price point but it prints at slightly lower resolution than is usable for the applications I need 3d printing for. It was the highest res for lowest cost I had ever seen so I figured I would get one and see how it worked out. It has been a cool experience. However changes are coming in my life and I am going to need to sell the Form1. I have the machine, the finish kit, about a half liter of clear resin, and a liter of grey resin with one tank worth of resin taken out of it.

I have all of the original packaging it shipped in as well so I would use that to send it along.

I am looking to get about 4000 for all of it including shipping to anywhere in the US.

Let me know if you are interested!


I’ll contact you with pics and info at your email as soon as I can.

Hi David,

If you still have the printer I am interested. You can reach me via jonathan@cgcookie.com