Form1 (original Kickstarter Version) for sale East Coast US

Hi there, selling my Form1 and accessories. It is the original Kickstarter version (NOT upgraded to the Form1+). The machine has only done a dozen or so prints. I haven’t put a full bottle of resin through it and would estimate that I’ve done less than 80 hours worth of printing total. I had some separation issues with the first (clear) tank, so bought a new orange one. The second one has less use than the first, however is a little cloudy still. I have the original finishing kit, and think I have the original box for both the printer and the box for the finishing kit. I think I also have a partial bottle of the grey resin left (not sure if it’s still good or not). The original bottle of clear that came with it went bad from lack of use, so I bought a grey bottle.

I really just don’t use it as much as I thought i would since I have two CNCs to prototype on, so letting this go to someone who might use it.

Would like to get $750 US with items listed above.

Will deliver to within an hour’s drive of Richmond VA, or will ship at buyer’s cost. Shipping from postal code 23139 if you want to get an estimate. Please contact here or shoot me an email to formlabs at stevepresley dot net.


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