FS: Form1+ USA East Coast

hello everyone, I am selling my form1+ after using about 3/4" of a bottle of grey resin and printing a few items. Total run time 12-14 hours. I have access to 2 FDM machines at my office and I hardly use the Form1+ at home.

My machine has never had any issues and prints quite well.
come with everything the machine with is included.

I am asking $2,850.00 shipped in the US. (regular shipping and handling insured).
If you require any additional handling, I am more then happy to help but its your responsibility.
Printer Ships in original packaging.

Thank you.

no one ? my baby needs a new home =(

Is this still available? Very interested.

yeah, I am looking at it right now =)

Hi Cesar! Did you sell this one to Jonathan already or is it still available?

working on it. I will let you know later on today @Edward_Zhang

Sold to @Jonathan_Perry, enjoy the printer. It is an awesome and impressive piece of equipment. (I just don’t need 3 printers).