Looking for Print Services

Sorry, I cant figure out how to delete my post!

Anyhow, I originally made this post because I was looking for someone to print models for me. After thinking about it and calculating costs from various people I found it was just better to buy one myself.

So thats what I did…

Thanks everyone!

how large would you want them? ive done some pretty large models for some clients
I have clear resin , and I can cut , key and hollow models in zbrush for 3d printing but I would charge for those services.


If you haven’t found a good fit for your project please let me know. We have a bunch of Form 2 machines and we cut larger models frequently to speed up printing across multiple machines. We can also re-assemble and finish to meet your specific needs.


Hi John

If you are based in the UK feel free to give me a shout:


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