Noob here


So, I picked up a form 1+ today. I know it is o longer supported, but I got it cheap. Too cheap to pass up. I am new to 3d printing and would love some suggestion on what to read before I get started.
I am hoping to print miniatures- in the range of 13 to 25 mm. I do star wars models and would like to print some additional figures dioramas I build. Eventually some parts for the scenes as well.
Advice on 3rd party resin would be helpful as well. I have been reading some of the threads on this, but hearing the latest and greatest ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!


First look up formlabs’ website, they have a slew of articles and whitepapers which help a lot to understand the fundamentals behind the SLA tech and their printers. Most of what you’ll read will apply to your Form1+, except maybe the latest software features.

Once you’ve done that, there are quite a lot of users here who use 3rd party resin I’m sure you get answers to your questions.


Did you find this already?