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Form 1 Orignial Backer

Hi All,

I was an original backer of the Form 1 on Kickstarter. Finally received my Form 1 after much waiting several years ago. Unfortunately I never managed to get a decent print out of it. I followed some advice to fix a few issues and managed a half-decent print out of it and then just gave up due to time constraints and frustration at the expense.

Anyway, I now have some time and would like to get back to 3D printing. Before forking out more money I figure I should try to get my Form 1 to work. Obviously it has worked for many people and Formlabs has moved on to bigger and better models. I’m willing to accept that I may be the problem here, though I suspect there may have been some minor damage in shipping.

So. Can anyone point me where to start to do a quick service of the machine before doing a test print? Or is it all pointless because the unopened resin will have gone bad? Can you even buy new resin for the Form 1? I have a few spare, unopened tanks.


Oh, I also have sealed, unopened resin. Though it’s obviously old.

I would look up all the support articles on how to clean the mirrors. The main mirrors and galvo mirrors. Then i would look up third party resin tanks and settings for third party resins. All of this is available off of a google search.

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Your old resin is probably bad. If do want to try using it, shake it for at least 15 minutes before pouring it out of the container then let the bubbles settle for a half hour.

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