form1+ problem

Hi I’m pretty new to printing with my form1+… I’m having trouble. I bought a new resin tray, have the resin. I made a model of a wrench i want to print. So far I’ve had 1 successful print and like 8 or 9 failed prints. Both the model not sticking to the base, some print half of the wrench some just a tiny bit. One adhered to the tank and i pulled it off. I don’t know whats going on. Any tips? the lense is clean.


Can you post up some pictures of the orientation and supports of the model you are trying to print.
Can you post up pics of the failures.
When you pealed off the failure from the vat, did the vat get damaged? Look for cuts and tearing of the PDMS layer.
When you say the lens is clean, do you mean the all 4 mirrors? How did you check them? Can you post up some pics of the main (large) and small mirrors. I doubt you will get really good pics of the galvo mirrors without taking the printer apart. At this time, I would not take it apart. Lets start with the large and small mirrors. Also, before you take it apart, reach out to FL and open a support ticket. If you need to take it apart to clean you want them to tell you to do this. They usually won’t respond until Monday so well see what we can do to help before that.


thanks dave, ill try and print it again today. i knew i should have snapped some pics. little busy this morning but ill try printing and seeing the results and clean those mirrors also. I was just wiping the large one. ill have to look at the others

these were the last two prints. the one actually printed something finally, the second was nothing. just left like thin pieces i have to sift from the tank. I just want to print a simple wrench. I’ve tried moving it to different spots on the platform with no success, printing it in different angles, same thing. i increased the size of the base and it came out some but not everything.

I would clean the galvo mirrors. My 1+ will start getting ragged edges and I will not be able to see anything on the mirrors. I clean them and the prints go back to normal. This has happened twice to me .

thank you scott ill try that and run it tomorrow.

I got similar results last week. Either half prints stuck on the PDMS, little dots floating around as well as failed prints on the platform as in your picture above.
Even though, it won’t show red when setting up the supports, adjusting support point size and density as well as orientation helped especially if it’s a dense body, larger point size would help I guess.

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