My Form 1+ has gone downhill fast!

Since I got the new Form 1+ it has worked great with very few failures. I have only used black resin and it has worked great. I had lots of trouble with the old Form 1. Started to print something for my boss last Friday and the failures started. I tried to print something that I had printed several times before. I tried 4 times and the failures got worse each time.
First 2 failures.

The one on the right was the first. The hole on the corner is smaller. The one on the left was the second and unprinted part is bigger. After the first, I changed the resin. After the second I changed the resin and the resin tank.
And then I got these.

The one on the left is the 3rd attempt and the other one is the last attempt with that part. I made a new preform file for each one hoping that would help. It didn’t. I have used resin from three different bottles.
I tried a different part and got this.

It should have looked like this.

Like I said, it has worked great until last Friday. Mirror is clean. Haven’t done a laser test yet. Haven’t opened a ticket yet but I will unless someone has an easy answer of what is going on.

I will say that the failures are similar to the ones the Form 1 was having and it was a laser failure.

Apart from the obvious “is your build platform still secured tightly?” I would say it’s ticket time :frowning:

My guess is a mirror, or mirrors, need cleaning.

I’d launch a ticket and get instructions for cleaning the galvo and right angle mirrors inside the unit.

You need to do this to protect your warrantee.

Exactly. Hopefully and most probably it is the Gallo mirrors and it small mirror. But you have to open a ticket for that like you @Rob_Steinberg mentions. Though it is possible to see if the small mirror is smudged by shining a light on it via the large mirror if you want w quick check!

The big mirror looks fine. The build platform is tight. Haven’t check the galvo mirrors.

I noticed this morning while looking at the mirrors that some resin had ran down inside the back where the small mirror is. I remember getting a little over the side of the tank but I cleaned it up as soon as it happened. I don’t see any on the mirrors but there might be some somewhere that is causing a problem.

I don’t believe that is resin. If so, it would have traveled horizontal before getting to the small mirror opening. According to Einstein this would be impossible. Or your printer isn’t level.

Oh it’s resin. You can see a smudge where I ran my finger through it. And it’s level, at least as level as it can be sitting on a desk. Nothing is perfectly level and liquid will find a way down.

Though I agree that liquid will find a way down and “nothing is level”. If it’s only 1 or 2 degrees, it will drip down, and not glide down the 1-2degree horizontal slope. Too much resistance. Especially if it’s thicker than water.

Still, that doesn’t really help you in this case. I’d open a ticket for both issues. I’m sure the support team can help you out properly. They’ll give you a few guides and tests to run which will help you pin-point the issue.

Luckily there was no resin on the mirrors. But, there was some kind of oil on the large mirror. I did open a ticket and they sent instructions on how to clean the mirror. I can’t get it clean. The only thing I had done to the mirror was clean the dust off with a can of compressed air. Apparently, there can be oil in those. I did not know this. So if you are thinking about using a can of air, don’t!

If you don’t keep the can vertical, the propellant will mix with with the air and crud up the mirror.

If you keep the can vertical and bend the dispensing straw to direct the air, the air will come out clean.

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That’s what happened.

Another tip is… you should not shake the spray can before use!

That’s what is says in my can at least and I think it makes sense to have less particles mixing and coming out with the air.

In addition, try to block the access to the galvo mirrors, otherwise you could be pushing the dust in that direction.


Well cleaning off whatever got on the mirror is pretty much impossible! Shaye from Formlabs was very helpful and sent me a new replacement mirror. Got it installed and and the test print turned out good.

I am never going to get a can of compressed air near the new mirror!

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