Printer issues

hello everyone so I recently acquired a form 1+ from a individual. this thing was a mess like just meh. resin spilled everywhere it needed a lot of TLC. what the previous owner had done is take the tray bed off the printer. so what i want to do is re level it and try to get this printer working. is there any options process or anything i can try to do for this. i can not send it back to formlabs because the 800$ service charge is too much for me right now. so i am hoping to avoid that a best as i can.

This is a bit rough and ready, the point against the procedure in the video is that if the resin tank surface is not perfectly perpendicular to the z-axis, it will affect your prints from the first layer to the last, and the procedure detailed levels the tank surface against the build platform, which may not be ideally perpendiculary to the z-axis However, in your case I think it’s the info you need :

that you this is exactly what i am looking for, i dont care what they say about you kevin you are alright in my book

You are welcome @campingtomz - but I am curious, what are “they” saying about me, and who are “they” anyway?

ohh you know them and things. next issues it seems nothing is curing or sticking. do the the print Resin Tank containers have like a film on them that isn’t obvious, i removed the black plastic shell and that is really it.

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