Formlabs 2 Printing in the resin Tank

Hi I have a problem with one of our formlabs 2 printers in that it prints into the resin tank and not onto the metal upper plate.
I swapped the now new tank and also the resin and metal plate over to our other machine and it prints fine, Its not the data we are sending as it used to misprint the same file every other print and now just prints into the resin tank base consistently every time.
I have cleaned the glass below the tank and it looks no different underneath to the other machine and I can’t see any dirt on the mirror. Any ideas?


Just something to try: check the Z-axis offset in the Form2 settings. It might be set too high?

Hi thanks I’m just trying that, though its not obvious if anything is actually changed when you press reset on the z Menu?

If it was already 0, nothing happens. Just lower the value in that case.

Hi Thanks, no that didn’t work, I’m not convinced the Z function actually works on these machines it might be just there in the software on the machine only.

It does work, I have used it multiple times with success.

If parts still don’t stick after lowering 0.4mm or so, check the build plate. Is it fully clean? Use some scotchbrite to roughen it a bit if lowering doesn’t work.

All the components work on our other machine its just the printer itself not working, On the z setting function when you press reset is that just putting it back to its previous setting or is that taking into account the new setting?

It is resetting it to 0mm factory-default.

Ok so either way I adjust it, it makes no difference, could it be the laser?

If there is no adhesion at all after lowering the platform, again, use some scotchbrite or sanding paper to roughen the surface. How much did you adjust it? Do you clean the platform with IPA after every print?

The plate is cleaned thoroughly with IPA after every print, its printed hundreds of items for the past 6 months with no problem but recently every other print was a dud and this has got progressively worse, The plate is fine, if i put it on our other printer it prints with no problem, the surface is quite rough anyway as we have used it a lot.

It sounds like you’ve done a bit of troubleshooting to verify that the issue is localized to the printer rather than tank or platform. Sometimes, it’s the case that the platform isn’t quite compressing into the tank as much as we’d like. This is the function of Z fine tuning which will raise or lower the platform for those first layers. I’ve gotten in touch with our support team and one of our members will be in touch to guide you through fine tuning or help to troubleshoot further.

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OK thanks

Could you post the solution in here, when its done?

I’m afraid it looks like there isn’t one, Formlabs have gone very quiet on the support, I think the ultimate answer is for us to abandon the machine.


Our support team has had a high ticket load recently but we’ll certainly get back to you to help troubleshoot. Hopefully this is just a matter of needing to fine tune the Z axis and we can get you back up and running.

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