Flexible Resin Printing

So I have recently been trying to print with flexible resin on a Form 2 printer however, the resin will not adhere to the build plate,
I’ve tried playing with Z-axis fine adjustment, ensured the platform was free of IPA and thoroughly shook the flexible resin cartridge before filling the resin tank.
Has anyone had success printing with the Flexible V2 resin? If so what did you do the ensure successful prints?

Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by cleaning the platform and iterating with fine tuning. How much have you tried decreasing the Z axis by in fine tunign? Is the raft itself removing from the platform or are you finding that your part is detaching from supports?

Hey Frew, the print de-laminates quite quickly usually while printing the base. I had tried dropping it down by 0.2mm before trying to shake up the resin itself more.
What range of Z axis tuning would you recommend? I’ve also found some threads that found success with higher resin temperature (about 35 Celcius) could this have an effect on the print?

I tend to iterate downwards by 0.2mm at a time until I hit 1mm or so. If you hit 1mm and you’re still not seeing successful adhesion, you should get in touch with our support team so that we can troubleshoot further with you.

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Have the same problem atm… two prints have failed since the base doesnt stick to the platform. Also using new tank + new resin which are well shaken before the tank filled up. I’ve set the Z offset to -0.5m now to see if that makes a difference…

I’ve had some success at 0.6mm. The printer is heavily used so we don’t get too much experimentation time. I would try -0.8mm I got some of the parts to adhere at -0.6mm.

Value -0.5 will move the buildplatform CLOSER to the glass right?
Shouldnt the printer know this by default when Flexible Resin is printing?

Compression and exposure is increased for the raft layers on Flexible Resin prints but sometimes a bit more compression is sometimes required for proper adhesion. Let me know how iterating with fine tuning works out for you.

My test I started last night failed as well, nothing is sitting on the build platform.

The large difference that I can spot is that the plate sitting in the tank is now thinner than before, so its clear that is been compressed more…

A negative value will move the build platform closer to the tank. The thickness of resin cured to the tank isn’t necessary a good metric of compression and it’s safe to iterate to at least -1mm. If tweaking the Z fine tuning doesn’t seem to correct this for you, our support team can help out with further troubleshooting.

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