Nothing on the support

My Form 1+ worked good for the printing of clear resin. But after changed to flexible resin, the machine does not work. Nothing can be found on the support. Only one lump can be found in the resin. The tank is new and the flexible resin is also newly ordered. Anyone can give support?

You may need to nudge your Z down a little. What are you trying to print? How large is the raft? Pics may help us help you. I assume the lump of resin you are talking about is stuck to your PDMS layer. Be careful when removing it. If it is large take your time. You don’t want to damage a new vat being impatient. I have done it. It sucks.

Thanks, I will try to nudge Z down a little after back office from holiday. I just try to print a small cuboid for my research.

I have seen a few people with the problem of flexible resin not adhering to the platform. For some, scuffing up the platform with a low grit sand paper worked, for others the Z technique @DavidRosenfeld mentioned worked (or maybe both?)

I have a half a dozen or so flex prints complete, however they were well into the life-cycle of my platform (maybe 40 prints). Perhaps my platform was already scuffed up enough. I am also using a Form 2.

Let us know your latest results when you are back from holiday!

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