Need help

I don’t know why my formlab 1+ Can’t print with Castable resin right now damage all the time (the formlab just bought over a month) please help me.

Can you elaborate on your issues. Pictures of the model in Preform and a pic of the results will help. What settings are you using? Are you using FL Castable or another brand?

Did you purchase the machine new from FL? I was under the impression they sold the last one a few months back when they discontinued it.

Hi DavidRosenfeld. i’m Cambodian people and i interested with formlab machin. i bought formlab 1+ 1month and a half in Septillion Company in Bangkok Thailand and i use oreginal of FL castable resin 02. i don’t know why first bought print is ok but now i try all most 20time but fail all some times not stick with the built plateform and just chang the resin tank but still the same.
please help me to solve this problem

That makes more sense. Welcome to the family.

Can you post up some pics of what you are trying to print and the results you are getting? With the rafts falling off the build plate, there is a Z offset that pushes the build plate into the PDMS layer. You can try to nudge it down a little.

You also should open a support ticket with Formlabs.

Hi DavidRosenfeld i tried to upload you some pics but Can’t in this it say too large files but my files only 1.7 Mb. Do you have email i’ll send you by mail thanks.

Can you upload the images to google drive or another cloud service so that we can all take a look and help to troubleshoot?

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