First formlabs 1+ purchase

Dear community I am owner of a Tech store, recently I added 3d printer in my product line and bought an ultimaker2.
Now i want to capture the wax molding industry for jewllers. but till now my study this printer has put me in state of confusion. especially two problems concerns me the most

  1. that this printer is not a work horse and people are having troubles with laser and getting replacements. 
  2. how is the castable resin working for casting … and is there any burn out schedule for this resin?

I am asian based lives for away need a little inspiration and motivatoin to go for this expensive purchase :smiley:

Hey Umer,

There are indeed laser issues, however, the majority of these laser problems are with the Form1 and the Form1 upgraded to the Form1+. As far as I’ve read on the forums, the Form1+ (original) has a lot less issues with the laser. Furthermore, Formlabs are happy to replace your laser if you do have problems. I don’t think you’ll have an issue if you order a new printer, so don’t let all the horror stories scare you. The printer itself is a wonderful machine and, with some handy tips which you can find on the forum, you’ll get amazing results! You’ll probaby never use your Ultimaker again :).

I haven’t tried the castable resin yet, so I’ll leave that up to others ;).

good luck with your decision!

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You can find the burnout schedule here . Some more info here.

I am not sure where you are located, so make sure that you are in one of our supported regions to receive the full customer experience with after sales support.

Hope this helps!

I have some test castable items at my brass caster now, and just sent him a ton more today. I am waiting to see the results. Hopefully within the next week…

@Aaron_Silidker I am located in Pakistan and do not fall in your supported regions.

@umer_tanveer — in that case, you’ll have to work with a freight forwarder or other shipping provider to receive your machine, as well as obtain service. We can’t take any responsibility for shipping or shipping damage outside of our own providers and support regions. That’s not to say that I’m discouraging you — anything but! — but you should be aware of the issues. Our will be able to answer questions more specific to your situation.

any luck with the casting yet?


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seems pretty satisfactory … is your caster happy with the results

i went through the burnout schedule . my caster use omnicast not plasticast with bandust… further more he was concerned about 12 hours timing… can he reduce the timing by increasing temperature?

We recommend Plasticast with Bandust and the 12 hour burnout cycle because that’s what has consistently given us the best casting results. The burnout cycle is long to reduce cracking in the investment material, and increasing temperature to reduce the time might cause the investment to fail. Other investment materials may work just as well, but we can’t guarantee it.

If you find another material or burnout cycle that works well, please post it on the forum or let us know!