What's wrong with my printer?

I submitted a support ticket 3 days ago was first contacted this morning but no guesses yet and I am in a hurry to figure this out.  I think there is a problem with the laser focus.  The resin was fresh and well shaken and the tank is brand new.  It seems the laser is more of a flashlight than a laser by looking at the results.  I always print overnight so I wasn’t watching.  What does this look like?


Sorry,  that is easy and unfortunate.

Your laser has failed.

I would not waste your resin trying to test different things out.  I would wait for Formlabs to get with you to troubleshoot.

Formlabs has a name for those things but I refer to them as skin tags.

Good luck


Thanks for the help.  This is the first time I tried to print for someone else and he is needing an answer why I can not print it, so your help is much valued.  Thanks again.

Dave, will you print the file for me?  It will take 48.6ml and 5h40min.  I would email you the file and send $70 via paypal to cover the printing and shipping.


I would love to be able to print the part for you.  But after my 4th laser failure I currently do not have a Form 1 printer to print with.

I can print the part on a different type of printer.  It is an Invision LD.  Let me know if you are interested.



Darn.  It needs to be a Form1 like mine so he knows if the fitting is durable enough to have me do more in the future.

Anybody have a working Form1? lol

Yo David!

I’ve had the exact same probs with my3d printer – whats up with that?!

Those of you having issues with your machine, please write in to support@formlabs.com! We have a fantastic team who’ll help you out. In terms of an additional resource for 3D printed parts, I’d recommend that you check out 3D Hubs, which has a number of Form 1s listed.

I have been broke down two weeks and counting.

I stand by them :slight_smile:

I’m sorry your machine is having trouble, Josh – and it looks like there has been some back-and-forth in the support queue. Did you get the email from Friday? I’m sure Meagan will be back in touch shortly – it’s very useful to have photos (or just link our support team to the post here, as sometimes things are not as easily cross-referenced as one might hope.)

I’ll pass it on.

I have the same problem with you. Did you solve this problem?  That will be very nice for your sharing. At the same time, I do need an explanation  to this situation, and a viable way to make my form work again. Now my form still work badly, just like yours . At the same time, I write in to support, but still no specific solution . I checked everything that the support told me, I just feel helplessness about my printer, and have no idea what to do…

@David, 4th laser failure?? Wow…

I’m having similar problems and going thru support now. I know that the Formlabs support staff are great but it doesn’t quite solve the root cause of poor printer reliability. At this rate, the laser module seems more like a perishable than the resin tanks.

I’ve had good prints for quite a while and it seems like the laser only has a life of 3-4months. I’ve only made maybe 20 prints? Total build time of less than 300hours? I think Formlabs mentioned that the laser is good for thousands of hours initially…

Is there anyone who still has a printer that survived all the way with regular usage?..

Forgot to mention that failures like this are a nightmare for non-US users… We can’t just ship the whole thing back every 3 months.

Yes it seems lasers only last 3 months.  My laser went bad before my first tank did!  I was very lucky to have submitted the support ticket just 3 days before my warranty expired!  I didn’t realize how close I was cutting it!  Holy ****.  What does this cost out-of warranty?  Four breakdowns a year is very bad!  Do the new lasers come with a new warranty?

frustrated Communication is unimaginably slow.

Update… I was sent a shipping label for FedEx.  There is no FedEx staff within 60 miles.

I would just call FedEx for a pickup.  Let them deal with fetching the box from your house.

I didn’t know they did that, cool!  Thanks.

David, you mentioned that you replaced the laser for several times. Did you do that by yourself? Could you please tell me where I can buy that laser part and other accessories related to the replacement. Thanks a lot.


I never replaced the laser.  Formlabs replaced the machine under warranty.