Printing and Support Issues

I’m using the latest version of preform and form2 firmware. The Preform says that the the print should work perfectly but upon printing the supports are failing to print properly, I’ve included some pictures, I washed the parts in the Form Wash and used a custom UV box to cure them.

I have not had this problem in the past.

To get the best detail I’ve uploaded them with links.

I think that’s probably a hardware problem somewhere down the stack from the actual print - the inside of the tank (worn out/clouded, scratched, or dirty), the outside of the tank (dirty), the window above the main mirror, the main mirror, or worst case, the galvanometers or the laser. I think it’s probably the kind of thing that Formlabs Customer Support would be best able to help you troubleshoot.

Did you stir the resin before printing?

Yeah, the resin is on the older side Grey version 2 but some of the prints 2 days ago were perfect. So I don’t think the resin changed that quickly. I’ll take off the tank and check to see if there is any issues. I know there is a little clouding on the tank after 1.5L of resin through it but it doesn’t look that bad.

I’ll continue to work with FL Customer Support on it too.

Is it expired then? I can’t remember how old Grey V2 is

I think it is expired but not sure by how long, I’ll check when I pull the cartridge out.

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