Printing & support problems

Hi folks,

I am suffereing from several printing issues sincemore than a week (thin bases, incomplete parts) and I have contacted support on March 9th. Got three replies last week but haven’t heard anything from support since last Friday, even though I have contacted them again twice this week. Mirrors have been cleaned, I have inserted a new tank (the second new tank since last week!), downloaded the last Preform version and Firmware but still no success.

Our Form 2 cannot be used since more than a week and we are in urgent need of it. I am very disappointed that I am being left alone with my printing problems and I hope somebody from Formlabs will read my thread and get in touch with me again!



Thanks for getting in touch, Ben. I’m here, and I hear you. We absolutely don’t mean to keep you waiting in the dark, and we’re working on equipping our team to get more timely replies, especially in Europe. I know that you got a response yesterday, but this is urgent. We’ll do our best to get you printing complete parts ASAP.

Thanks for your reply Stephen and yes, I have got an email today indeed - sadly, it’s more about why replying takes so long and not really about the problems I have. The only thing we have found out so far is that prints completely fail when the printing platform is not at ‘0’ position; then, I have been asked to move the build platform up and down by hand with the printer powered off. This has shown that the platform is not blocked, the only difference is that the platform movement has become much noisier now when the printer is active. I am really sorry for whining and complaining here, but I am just really, really frustrated at the moment. The fact that I will be out of office next week does not help either. This means 3 weeks without a usable print…

You’re welcome, Ben. Without knowing all the particulars of your problem, I hope you’ve had a look at the fine tuning recommendations and requirements.

With the optical path enclosed, I don’t foresee a need to clean the mirror. With the thin bases and incomplete parts you described, once you’ve reviewed the fine tuning options and knowing you’re using a new tank, it’s always a good idea to check the condition and consistency of the resin or consider attempting a different cartridge as a variable.

We’ll work with Support to get this resolved for you quickly!

Sorry for replying late, but I was out of office until yesterday. I need to clarify that I did not clean the mirrors but the optical glass. I have already replaced the tank twice since my printing problems are ocurring and the resin cartridge has been replaced as well. I have received an email from the support team whilst I was out of office and have replied to it yesterday - no reply since more than 26 hours again now.

Thanks so much for clarifying with the mirrors and tank replacement, Ben. I know our European Support is a bit delayed catching up after the Easter holiday. We’ll get back to you very soon and work on resolving the multiple print issues as soon as possible.

I have just deleted a huge rant… serious question - as premium support is not availabe in Europe, shall we try to solve my printing issues over here at the forums? Support still hasn’t replied to my last email on Tuesday and I cannot wait any longer to find a solution. I absolutely need to get the printer working again today or until next Tuesday at latest as I will be out of office on Friday. PLEASE help me over here or ask the support to answer my emails and to stick to my case. I am really getting desperate here!


This is a bit like my case. I have a partly working printer since early February and the issue is still not fully solved. I had initially good response but lately also very slow with delays up to 11 days. They need seriously more support staff in Europe.

Hi Ben, I’ll shoot you a private message. I think that you may have missed some recent emails from the team.

Thanks for voicing your trouble with the communication delay, Markus. Feedback and knowing your experience always helps! We definitely don’t mean to delay any troubleshooting and are actively working on improving our the rate of our responses and getting the quickest solutions. I hope you’ll see these improvements soon.

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