Complete print failures

Hey guys, I’m a new owner of the Form 2. My first 2 print attempts were perfect, then on the 3rd print it printed partially then I’d say about 1/4 of it just didn’t print. Every print after that all I get are just shards of supports. I even changed to a new resin tank and resin cartridge and it’s exactly the same. I cleaned the optical window with Pec Pads and tried a test print from formlabs support and this was the result. I’m open to any ideas as to what to do next?

Just be patient and stick with what support tells you to do. I know sometimes it may seem like a long time between answers but from my experience I never had to wait more then 24 hours for a response.


Similar experience here… parts printed fine, then eventually only the supports would print, then only the base, and now I don’t get any adherence at all. After contacting support, they told me that in a small number of form 2’s, the lubrication from the mirror motors inside the printer seeps onto the mirrors themselves causing distortion and a loss of power. Most likely going to ship the printer back for them to diagnose and repair. Let me know if you find a solution though…would rather not incur that kind of down time.

Yeah they think it’s a bad laser, they are going to ship a replacement machine to me as soon as I can get my current machine returned to them. Really great customer support, I’m impressed.

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