Print Failures ...very dissapointed

Hello there I’m on my 2nd printer now, the first did not dispense resin , got another one and it printed fine then all of a sudden print failures.

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I was also using form 2 printer for the last year and it worked great and then all of a sudden it stopped printing when I updated the software in January /February. This sounds like a problem a lot of people are having and it sounds like form labs wants to charge people additional money for optics or laser degration repairs. It’s beginning to sound like a class action lawsuit against form labs.

People at Formlabs are working hard to reach as high a print success rate as possible while also improving print times and print quality - all competing goals. If we sent out an update that is noticeably increasing your print failure rate, we definitely want to know about it! Can you share a model that is failing now but wasn’t failing before? Also share a description and/or photos of how the print is failing? That could help us determine where the problem lies.

As for optics degradation - that is also an issue that people are working hard on to get to the underlying cause and ultimately solve.

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