Print fail with grey v4 resin

I just got a used Form 2 that I am experiencing problems with.
I am printing in grey v4 for resin and I just bought a new resin bed, but for some reason my prints keep failing…
Sometimes it only prints supports structure and others partly the items…

I have printed these file on other form2 printers with o problems so it is not the files, anyone has an idea what could be the issue?

Thank’s guys

That looks very much like dirty optics to me. I’d raise a support ticket with Formlabs and they will probably send you a cleaning kit and some instructions. I had similar problems recently and the support from Formlabs was excellent.

Great thank you, i just realized after that the optic window was suuper dusty…

I cleaned i with non particle alcohol wipe i hope that can be okay. :s

Thanks you

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