Printer has suddenly started to fail prints!

Hi there, i have been using my Form 1+ allot lately, I have had great success with all but one of my prints (that was my error, i oriented it completely wrong!)

Anyway, I recently have started using Grey resin (v2) and had a few great prints. but since yesterday every single print I have tried has failed.

It starts to print fine, and x way through the print it will start having flakes (See pictures)
I have cleaned the main mirror, which is now spotless, changed resin tanks and tried my other bottle of resin, and i still have the same problem.
The last print that i tried was the formlabs Butterfly clip (I have had it printed out fine before!)
And also the formlabs test print.

I have placed these on multiple parts of the build platform, middle each corner etc and similar happens each time!

Now Formlabs Test print!

- Some parts left on build plate

Sorry for the amount of photos! I do also have a support ticket i just opened!
Thank you in advance!

just as an update to everyone:
i have made a support ticket with formlabs. They have basicly said that what this is called is “ragging” this is a problem with the optical path.

They first advised me to check and clean the resin tanks, they said that any cloudyness or large spears/dust will cause this problem (for me it wasnt a problem as i even tried a new tank!) they also advisxed me to use new resin if possible (again i had a brand new unopened box!)

They next advised me to clean the main mirror (following their guide)

After cleaning the main mirror they advised me to check and clean the internal galvo mirros. This can only be done under there permission! as doing it without their permission will void your warrenty! i would send an email or raise a support ticket with them!
(i’ve had to order some PEC PADS and am currently waiting for them to turn up before i can clean the mirrors properly!)
Hopefully this fixes my problem!

When did you last filter the resin? Any time I’ve had issues similar to these I’ve filtered the resin tank completely through a 125 micron mesh.

I generally try to clean/filter my resin after any failed print!
I have even tried a brand new fresh bottle of resin in a new unopened tray!

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