All the prints fail

Hello everybody, i have a problem, 1 week ago the printer started to not work properly, all the prints fail.
I already try to change the resin tank, the resin and the platform but is the same. i’m in contact with the Formlabs support, they told me to check all the mirrors but are all clean.
Do you maybe know witch can be the reason?
I did a lot of test with different models, different resolutions and density of supports.

Thank you


What happens when you print just one of your tall molded plastic looking parts @100um in the center of the build platform? I would try that.

regarding your spoons: do they have very thin walls? Maybe the models can’t support themselves and need to be thickened or you need many more additionals supports at the point where the models start to fail.
To the butterfly clip: I had this kind of flaking once and had to sent my printer back for repair but you might be lucky and its only dust or smear on your mirror(s).

Hello Christopher, thank you for the answer.
I already try to print only one of the objects in the center but the result is the same

Hello Marcus thank you for the answer, the thickness of the spoons walls is around 3mm. I tried with different kind of objects and checked all the mirrors (i removed the galvo block according to the formlabs support isctructions) but there is no dust

Hey @davide_gamba! I noticed you have a support ticket open with our team, so I’ve looped them in on this thread so we can get you back up and running ASAP. Looking at your prints, I’d say it really does look like an optics issue. The mirrors in the Form 1 and 1+ are first-surface mirrors, so dust and debris frequently don’t show up at all unless it’s looked at from just the right angle. I’d advise going ahead with the cleaning instructions and seeing if that helps!

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