Houston, we have a problem

Okay, I love my printer when it’s working properly. Right now I’ve tossed a set of files into it for a second time to be on the safe side… but I’m most likely going to have to open a ticket, again, since it looks like the laser might be going bad. I’m oddly enough okay with that thought, since I wasn’t too keen on the serial number for the current printer. If I don’t look at the bright side of things, life would be pretty gosh darn dark! ^____^

Anyway, here’s a look at three of the five borked prints. ^.~

Did you just do a software or firmware update?

Did you have any good prints from the same bottle of resin?

I have good prints from this bottle of resin. I have not done a software or firmware update since getting the printer. This new printer has been in my studio for about two weeks. This prints have all the tell-tale signs of a dead laser.

This new set of prints is really bad. XD

Based on those pictures, it seems like the failures may be attributed to not enough supports and wrong orientation for the models. Try to orient them more in a way that the entire model is supported well during peeling. Also, print one-at-a-time because there will be less stress forces that way during peeling.

Another thing…dead laser usually would mean no prints at all :wink:

The pictures look similar to problems I was having.  After looking at the test print they sent me, Formlabs said that it looked like the laser had lost power.  Measure your bases and see if they are much thinner than they were supposed to be.  Mine would be less than half as thick as they should be.  Open a ticket, if you haven’t already.  Formlabs sent me a new printer.

Actually I just went through a similar issue having failed prints. It doesn’t have to print nothing at all to mean there is an issue with the laser. Mine still printed supports but the models themselves progressively got worse and worse each print. First they had me print out a test file they sent me and it failed miserably and then they had me do a the laser diagnostic test and it showed there was an issue with the laser.

They then asked me to ship the printer back to them and they just shipped me a new printer which should arrive later in the week.

Just put in a support ticket and they will take care of you.

That sounds exactly like what was happening to mine!

Having very similar problems - no successful prints since December (and not that many before then if I’m honest) got a support ticket raised but so far spent nearly $1000 on resin and replacement tanks and all I’ve got is 1 or 2 successful(ish) prints plus a big box of failed prints. seriously considering looking for a refund at this point.

@Scott Barbour the thin bases isn’t related to the laser it’s related to the calibration of the printer.

From Formlabs when I asked them what the problem was and if there was anything I could have done to prevent it:_ “it looks like the Laser was loosing power and therefore not able to cure your prints completely”_