Castable Wax 40 won't adhere to build platform

I just received a new cartridge of Castable Wax 40 (V1) and a new resin Tank LT from Formlabs. I have spent the day trying to get it to print only to be unsuccessful everytime. I have had no problem at all printing with the purple castable wax. I use a Form 2 printer.
Each time I have aborted the process because I could see that nothing was being printed. I would then have to carefully scrape a thin layer of wax off the surface of the new LT tank. Fortunately, there was no loose debris floating in the tank because there was no building because it was blocked by the thin layer of the raft stuck to the tank.
It’s the weekend and I can’t call Formlabs yet, so I thought that I would throw it out there to see if anyone has had similar problems and maybe give me some quidance.

Hi @Vladimirth ,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with adherence on your Castable Wax 40 prints. I’d recommend getting in touch with Support! We can take a look at the diagnostic logs and see what may be contributing to the issues you’re running into.

Thanks, Jared. I got in touch with Formlabs this morning.

Did you find any information? I am also experiencing the exact same issue. The wax wont adhere to the build platform no matter how low set the platform offset.

The problem was not resolved. I ended up buying another brand printer (for a fraction of the cost) so that I could use BlueCast X1 castable resin and now get much better prints and far better quality castings.

Wow, yeah I am feeling ready to jump ship. What printer did you end up buying?

Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the Form2 does but it gets the job done properly and relatively easily.
I’ll have to say that Formlabs has given me a lot of support over the years, but I also always paid a lot for that support. That extra charge for support actually cost as much as the new printer that I ended up having to buy.