Formlab 1+

Hi, I put this machine away a few years back out of frustration as would print the base raft, platform what ever you want to call it, then print nothing more using original resins, got it out again yesterday to see if I can make it work, using an aftermarket resin for 4o5uv light source, all resin trays spotless, mirrors clean …………same bloody issue, base adheres to build platform prints to maybe 0.8mm then stops adhering, about to put it a away more permanently in the recycling, so looking for last chance help( new resin, trays are new, used once, mirrors clean, grey anycube resin 409 uv light source-dames as formlab-


Hi @rocs,

Unfortunately, we no longer troubleshoot the Form 1+ through our Services department; however, we do have an entire subsection on our Forums for 1+ cases and discussion here. I hope this section is helpful!

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