Failed prints (with clear resin only) edit : all resins now

I’ve recently upgraded my Form 1 to a 1+, and have been smoothly printing with black and white resin with very few failed prints. But I can’t get any good prints with the clear resin. They all fail and make some kind of soft puddle on the PDMS layer, that is bigger than the print itself. I even tried both resin version 1 and 2 just in case, although I believe my clear resin is the V1. The tank is new too, no contamination of other resin for sure.

It looks like this did not adhere to the build platform. have you changed something else? Maybe the build platform? By replacing them its possible you need to lower or higher it. If yes try to lower it. Only my two cents :wink:

Thanks for the reply Marcus,
I believe it did stick to the platform, since I have parts of the support and the base sticking to the build platform (you can see it on the first pic, in front of the puddle thing). I was just printing a small statue now from thingiverse, same result, I have 2 or 3 cm of good print then the puddle. I am retrying one last time with fresh resin and V2 setting to see.
On the side note, I now have some major ghosting in the middle of my brand new tank.

If all prints would fail I would say raise the touchpoint size. In this case though its not that easy. Did you reposition the model and put it on the hinge side of the build platform in preform? Maybe you put the model beside a ghost spot? If yes and the print failed then you probably need to change the platform height. You say the base was printing well so maybe give it a try and higher the build platform 2 or 3 units. I had ghosting in my tank before as well and its frustrating because you don’t know for sure if the calibrating of the buildplatform was working or not. The problem is when shipping your printer to formlabs without your own build platform installed for repair or upgrade they at formlabs use a different build platform that can differ in height while calibrating!

Check out our support page on Choosing the Right Material. And yes, the resin bottle you took a picture of is Clear V1. V2 settings will not work properly with that resin.

If you’re only having issues with the clear but printing well with other resins, that leads me to believe that it’s an issue with the resin. You should shake it well before pouring, especially if it’s been sitting a while. Over time, components of the resin can separate, resulting in print failures.

If you continue having issues, you should shoot a ticket over to our support staff who will help you get your printer running smoothly again.

Thank you, I’ll try all of that, and if it fails again, I’ll open a ticket.

Well, I followed what you guys said, and I have an open ticket, but this morning I have these two failed prints (printed separately). What the hell can cause this ? I must say I’m starting to get frustrated, I just paid for an upgrade and 3 weeks later it already fails massively.

Hi Laurent_Nogaret, Did you finally solve this issue? I’m having the same problem! Thanks.

If you haven’t opened a ticket, that would be the best place to start.
You can also start a new thread as this one is rather old. If you post up pics and examples of what you are printing and how it is oriented, we may be able to speed up the troubleshooting process.