Bad Prints with new tank and resin

Hi there,

I’m facing a lot of problems printing with my Form 1+. I had to print 80 very similar parts.
My overall count is 77 god parts, 42 total fails, and 12 bad prints that some of them maybe I could use.
I started printing with a remain of Grey Resin V2 I had for a long time, and bought 2 new bottles of Grey Resin V4, I even used an old remain of Maker Juice Grey and Form Labs Clear V2.

I tried a lot of different positioning and support settings.
I used 3 brand new tanks, cleaned all mirrors (the big one and the 3 small at the back) 2 or 3 times, and check them regularity. Also checking the tank bottoms and cleaned them if necessary.
I started to filter the resin after every print (failed or not) just in case, with a paint filter 190 microns as recommended by Form Labs Support.

I have no idea what to do any more. I must reach the conclusion that maybe there is something wrong with a laser.

I have this machine since 2014, I haven’t used it this much, but I have to say every time I had to print a lot of parts, I faced this exact problem. Repeatability sucks.
I’ve read a lot of people saying otherwise. Maybe I had bad luck with this machine and it was never OK.

One other time I had to print 22 parts, I obtained 27 fail prints. Its too much.

The thing is I can not relate the problems with a cause, I got some perfectly good prints in the middle of terrible ones, without changing anything, and other times even just after changing to a new tank, resin or cleaning mirrors I still got bad prints.

I’m sharing some of the fails below, maybe someone faced the same problems and solved them.

The V2 resins are definitely expired so you shouldn’t be using those at all

Besides that, always make sure the resin is properly mixed before using, if you haven’t printed in more than a day there’s a good chance it will have problems.
Other than that, it’s possible that cleaning the galvo mirrors too much has caused damage, they’re very sensitive, unfortunately dust is a major issue for the Form1/1+

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