Holes and incomplete parts

I recently repaired my printer with the technical service, but after some prints I’m having problems with models. Some parts come out incomplete or even the supports are leaky.

I discard that the problem is of the printer, since it has been repaired completely. It may be a problem with the tank surface or resin? I have checked how it is getting worse, that is, every model I make comes out worse. I cleaned the solid resin remains from the tank but it still goes wrong.

Can anybody help me?


Have you mixed your resin fully before printing? Also, the Form1/1+ has an issue with the mirrors getting dirty over time which is pretty much inevitable, if you haven’t cleaned the mirrors in the last 6 months and the service didn’t do any cleaning then you’d likely need to clean the mirrors.

Are you still in touch with our support team? They’re going to be best suited to help troubleshoot this with you. If not, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with a member of our team.

Hello Goodnight

I actually have my support tickets open.

I paid my full rate repair, my formlabs 1+ traveled … but I’m bored and desperate.

The support service helps me but slowly day by day.

I need to start working again with my team … I lose money day by day.

Important, I need to know why these anomalies happen?

thank you very much .

The tank looks pretty cloudy, maybe that is the cause for failed prints?

@KenCitron is correct, the overall cloudiness of the tank is a little concerning. Did you put anything in there besides resin? IPA, water, any cleaner? How new is that tank? Remember they are consumables and need to be replaced semi-regularly.

The markings in the center are from your previous prints…they look to be the shape of the supports you posted in your first post.

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