Is this typical Form 1+ Print Quality

Hi All,

I have recently begun printing with my new Form 1 +.
The detail in my printed parts is exceptional but the surface finish on any relatively large flat surfaces is sub standard.

Is this typical Form 1+ print quality or do I have a problem?

The print should be good all over. There may be all sorts of things that can cause this from least to worste:
Resting isn’t mixed enough prior to printing
Smudges on bottom of reins tank
Resin tank’s PDMS layer is clouded and/or starting to cloud (end of tank life)
Dust and/or oil on main mirror

Make sure there are no clumps or junk in the resin, I would drain the resin through a paint filter and check the tanks clarity to start.

Thanks for suggestions Ken.

I’ve tried with two new resin trays and also with two resins, black & clear V2.
I shook both bottles before use and was careful not to leave any finger marks on trays.

Perhaps there is some sort of contamination with the optics though would hope not considering it’s a new printer, only received a few weeks ago.


I have same issue here. Complete new printer. Setup totally clean, tested with Clear Resin and black Resin. Researched several hours for hundreds of dollars which are trashed now. Not one usable item if precision is needed.

Test item from formlabs.

I could do hundrets of hours of research; started from updating my graphic card driver until buying special declared grease or setting up all mechanical parts new. But the printer is about 5 days old and has not one perfect printout. It seems I have missed something very important in the sequence I am working. Or the printer is defective.


Best bet is to open up a ticket with tech support and run some tests they provide. It could be a number of things and possibly a bad laser.

@Robert_Gersbach. What Z settings are using? Do you have more pictures on how the part is oriented? I can see some of the waves in the surface but how big are they? More pictures and how the part is oriented should help with analyzing what the problem may be. How clean in your main mirror. Simple dust regardless how clean FL makes everything can and does mess up a print. I check my main mirror before every print I start on a different day. I have been amazed at times how dusty a mirror can get for no apparent reason.

Also, have you opened up a support ticket? If not, it is always a good idea to involve them.

@T78, Following your arrow, are you pointing at the side with the supports? If so, yes that is normal and has to be taken into account when printing your parts. If you are pointing at another part of the print, I do not see a problem. If you can post up pictures of your failures, it may help assess what is going on.

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