1st Couple Print Problems with Part "eroding"

Hello all, new here. I just got a new printer last week and have been printing a number of parts this week with mixed results. Initial printing of a part resulted in this nice surface with a hint of the problem to come.

Note: All prints in Grey resin with 0.05mm layer thickness. Wall thickness of these parts varies from 1.5mm at the vertical bits to 3-4mm in the center. Both prints took from 10-11 hours to complete.

The reprint of this for a duplicate resulted in this monstrosity;

What is confusing me is that there are areas of good quality as well as poor quality and abject failure. Prior to this print, there was one 0.025mm resolution print made in the same area with no problem. The tank was then checked for any debris and ghosting in the tank (neither were present) and the resin remixed. The parts were placed close to the hinge of the tank and in an area that has seen low usage.

My thoughts on the matter are that I must have missed some debris or may have not properly remixed the resin before the print. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Just got my brand spanking new Form1 + and I have exactly the same problem. I have come too this forum looking for answers.

I have made three prints so far (including the Formlabs Butterfly logo) and each of them has similar erosion and poor surface quality. I have used the clear and the gray resin. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

This isn’t going to help solve the problem but I just printed two more parts that were different and spent much more time mixing the tank prior to printing and it seemed to fix them problem. Not sure if it is a mixing problem or just a problem with those parts specifically but I still can print good parts. Also, it is not specific to a certain location in the tank.

It’s possible that there is some dust or other occlusions on your mirrors, which can cause a variety of issues. It can be a tricky problem to solve, but with care, we’ve seen fantastic results. You might want to take a look at this support article on checking your mirror, and this one on cleaning it. If you’re seeing persistent issues, I would open up a ticket with our support team so they can track the issue and give you further help, should it be necessary.

The reply that there is dust on the mirror is very prevalent but why would it cause the part to do the “eroding” or very porous print? It it because the dust prevents the laser from curing that one area of the part?