Print Surface problem

I have some weird problem with the surface of my prints. It is hard to explain, so please check the images.

I find curious that on the blue parts only the left part has the problem. Also it has happened with two different kind of resins, so it shouldn’t be the resin.

Does anybody know what could the problem be ?
I really appreciate any help.

Clean the inside mirror of the printer, and test if the error clears the mirrors that are close to the printer, just do it if your printer is no longer in warranty.

I would contact formlabs support before doing anything. Check the cover glass and the mirror behind it (visually, without taking off the glass, and maybe with aid of a flashlight). If you see anything that shouldn’t be there (streaks, dust particles,…) take a photo and attach it to your support request.

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The first one is a bit odd–the exposure settings are different for the first 5mm, but I don’t know why it would look rough for that period on one part and then perfectly smooth for the rest, usually it just leaves a line at 5mm.

Thank you all,
I contacted Formlabs and it seems like there was a microscopic particle on my mirror creating the problem.
It has not happened again .

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