Violet mirror surface printing problem

Good evening from Austria to the community, im messing with my first Form1+, bought as used some years from ebay. Im still new in SLA but printing in FDM since 2 years. I got some troubles with my first prints, so I started to buy a new tank and also a new resin from Formlabs in clear, cause I got informed that its easier to print in clear (as the delivered grey) than in any color else. So what I’ve still done is:
-clean galvos with ispropanol as described in Formlabs manual
-cleaned mirror underneath galvos
-cleaned big mirror
im still getting bad print results. for me It looks like the z-axis isn’t aligned the right way. What do you think!?
For me everything is dust free. Im testing it best with my headlamp on, looking through the tank.

Ive also seen, that the mirror next to the laser shines violet when I light it the right angle. Can this be a problem?

Yeah, there’s something in the optical path that’s messing with the laser, the spot test should be much more sharper and smaller than that.

Have you ever used canned air to try and remove dust from the printer? Sometimes the canned air can spray chemicals onto the mirrors, so it’s better to use one of the simple air blowers instead.

I would open a support ticket and have FL set you up with replacement mirrors.

Seconding @DavidRosenfeld’s suggestion of getting in touch with our support team. We don’t use the laser spot test much anymore for diagnosing issues, but our team will work with you to look into the root cause of this.

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