Form1+ Multiple Failed Prints

So I picked up a used Form1+ and after cleaning the galvo mirrors and main mirror I’m still having print failures. My resin tank is brand new and so is my resin.

I’ve been trying the formlabs butterfly test print file to diagnose. is an example of the best print I’ve gotten so far.

I have a ticket open but they havent responded yet. Any ideas?

Reading the forums I see now that I need to be running the OpenFL version of Preform so I’m going to try that

What material is that you’re using?

Tough V3

It does look like the parts are undercuring or the optical path is otherwise being obscured. Our support team is going to be best suited to troubleshoot this for you and judging by the pictures, repair steps might be necessary beyond compensating with OpenFL adjustments.

Already have a ticket open and working with support. What are you thinking? Bad mirrors or laser issues?

this is the optics test and the placement is way off (not to mention only 2 of 5 pieces printed)

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