Tough printing fails


any ideas what might be causing such prints ?
Used a new resin and a resin tank


Form my (very) meager experience with similar issues, it’s likely an optical problem. If your tank is new, check your glass and main mirror- not just for dust but for ‘spots’ than may have come from degassing of resins. If you shine s flashlight on the mirror/glass and look at different angles, you can see if there is any residue. The mirror should be perfectly spotless for best results. If the main mirror is clean, you might have contamination on the galvo mirrors. (Ask Formlabs support for cleaning instructions for both.) Worst case, from reading up on the forums, is that your laser may be going bad. But the mirror gums up periodically.


Last 2 prints were fine with the resin and tank. 3rd one came out kinda hollow inside and rather soft.


As said above, most likely an optics issue. Best way forward is to contact support. They will have you print the Optics Test print (you can probably find it by searching on this forum). This will let you know with a pretty high level of certainty if it is worth opening up your machine to clean the galvo mirrors.

I have had the optics go south quickly and suddenly. It SHOULD happen due to accumulation over time, but I’ve had it click on like night and day, maybe a single speck of dust in the wrong spot. It is a straight forward fix though.


Thanks for the replies i will contact the support then.


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