Failed prints - laser issue?

I have big issue with my printer. Last 5 prints look same like on the picture. Anyone had that kind of problems?
Resin are new, tank quality is ok. Cleaned glass, mirror and galvo mirrors. Printer is around 2 yeras old.
Thanks in advanced for halp.


Best to contact support about this issues.

I done it. But maybe someone had similar issue.

It does look like an issue with dirty mirrors or the laser itself

It does look like that to me too, but he said he cleaned it.

Tomoo, could you try doing an optics test? See how that comes out.

In my opinion this test will look same like others prints.
It looks like laser dot spot is bigger than it should be.
Or maybe something is wrong with data…? Can I slice and print part in older preform version?

Other print:

Optic test:

Yep, its looks like a dirty mirror.

Have you experianced cleaning the mirrors before?
If so, clean both sides of the 2 Galvo mirrors, the large mirror and the glass below the tank from the bottom and the upper side. It is easyer to clean the glass bottom before cleaning the large mirror as particles will fall on that mirror.

After cleaning run another optic test and please share the results with us.

Just a quick correction:
Each of the two galvo mirrors is reflective on only one side, so this is the side you need to clean. The reverse side of each mirror is bonded to the galvo motor spindle and doesn’t require cleaning. In fact I would say that if you did attempt to clean the reverse side there is a possibility that you could debond the mirror, unlikely but possible!

Thanks @mrwakefield, your correction is correct.
As I have noticed previously, some people cant understand the way it works and cleaning the wrong side of the mirror. Therefore I’m always directing to clean both sides.

The mirror can be bend the same for both side so caution must be taken for sure.

Thanks for the clarification.

Cleaned everything before optick test print. Glass on both sides, mirror and galvo mirrors.
Thing is that the last good print was in much worse conditions. After first bad print i checked glas and mirror and they ware very dirty. Its not a cleaning problem.

Have you contact support by the way?

Yes, but it looks like there is just one solution - 850 euro + VAT, after just 6.1 liter of resin…

Only six litres of resin and the machine is out of warrantee? Was this printer bought second hand?

I bought it around 2 years ago and used just when it was needed.

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our printer is around two years old as well and it seems the laser has lost focus or something

usually rebooting helps but not this time. don’t know if it’s the same issue you are having but it sure is a pain.

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