Failed prints with new improved laser

This is my second printer, this one with form 1+ laser. Over  past week, major ragging (mushrooming). did the laser test seems  OK. NEw tank, new resin, right temp.  seems its about the mirror… Pressure air cleaned it. Dust speaks still remained, the looked on line where they spoke of microfibre disposable cloths, gently gently. seemed to reduce it bit. Still a bit of ragging and rough bits and always not finished to top. Noticed they have now removed advice on cloth and Stephen (feel sorry for him) said this could have damaged mirror, however was improvement when done, no talk of wet clean anymore anywhere. Thinking if it is the mirror, how does one keep it clean without damage…? Im doing my phd in sculpture and its really putting the pressure on me especially since l am in Australia and its costly both time and money for returns. Not up to that yet though. any thoughts out there would be greatly appreciated.



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included happy snap of prints that worked, large too, measures 8" in 2 parts each :slight_smile:

We will definitely find a solution for you. Since the mirror are 1st surface mirrors, they can be damaged from wiping…but they are cleanable.

If necessary, we will send you supplies and instructions!

hi Jory,
slow reply as l was playing careful surgeon cleaning mirrors as to pdf sent to me from stephen at form labs.
The two mirrors were perfect after the clean.
however, very sadly the print reflected none of this and has the same ragging or gills.
attached are photos.

Third image is of the printer still printing with half missing .
wondering about the third tiny mirror?

I’m sorry that the mirror cleaning did not help. It’s possible that there are deeper issues with the optics. Stephen will definitely get you sorted out within your ticket.