Spectacular print failures! <3

Okay, I am quite amused when my printer starts spitting out garbage. Since I just opened up my printer yesterday, it’s a little startling how quickly it decided to bork itself. So far I’ve got two useable prints out of nine attempts. Yes, I’ve opened a ticket with formlabs. <3

Here’s some photos of the latest round of print fails. ^___^

Hey @CatherineHajek

some questions to check up:

-clean mirrors?
-clean tank?
-clean underside of your tank?
-enough density?
-have you checked the touchpoints?
-how do you clean your tank and mirror?

Yes — I would echo the mirrors point — unfortunately, it appears that the shipping process itself can sometimes leave residual dust on the mirrors and optical surfaces. The larger print failure has the look of a ‘crater’, where a dense region adhered to the tank, rather than itself. That can sometimes indicate a need to reorient the part or provide more support.

I’m less sure about the supports that are failing to form — our support squad will have some ideas there, I’m sure.

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