Has anyone had continued good prints from their printer? If so details please

i am about to send back my second printer. With each l have had great results for the first eight or so prints and they are large and quite complex. Then they go down hill. I am concerned that this will continue to happen with each printer and as l live in australia that is expensive both time and money wise. I am doing my PHD in sculpture so its super frustrating. I would dearly love to hear a positive story out there.

It would help to post some pictures of your failed prints. That way it would be easier to see what went wrong.

yes sure, one right, two wrong ,one laser test attached, thanks for having a look. Cleaned mirror with compressed air after suggestion from stephen at formlabs

The spot test has the same off side line as my last printer which l sent back. Apparently this printer has the new and improved laser. So thinking l must be missing something. Super careful with contaminants, temp etc




re adding last 3 photos…