3D Printing (and Optical test failure)

Hi everyone,

  1. Since one week, my printing are going very bad (geometrical problems, etc…).
    I just made an optical test (like asked by the Formlabs support).
    I post it here to maybe have a first answer (this is a long weekend and I have now to wait for tuesday for finding a solution, but my parts can’t unfortunately wait !).

I join below pictures of the good parts, of the fails, and of the optical test failure.
I don’t understand because previous printing with the same files were OK !

Someone has some idea for first corrections to make ?

Here are the conditions of the printing (of this optical test) :

  • Plateform was clean
  • Printer glass was clean
  • Totally new cartdridge (Black V4)
  • New Resin tank LT
  • Printer levelled
  • The printer was not moved since months.
  1. For the first time, while the optical test, the resin has overflowed the tank ! (The cover seems to have cracked despite always a very carefuly use when closing).

I inspected with a lamp and fortunately there is no resin in the machine !

I hope this is not a technical problem, because the machine has 3 years, but really did’nt run a lot, and it would not be acceptable to have laser/mechanical problems in those conditions ! (this is not the cheaper machine…).

Thanks a lot and have a nice day !
I have to say that this forum is often very useful !


Have the laser mirrors been cleaned?

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