OMG! My Form 2 got sick?

Trying to print the optics test. Then I got the result like the pics attached. Really no idea what happened. Anyone knows? Your help is appreciated.

To avoid more issues, I did replace the resin tank and platform with brand new one for each. New Black V4 resin with a 202005*** date code.

The test model printed by 0.05mm layer thickness and no support.

What the heck?? I’m guessing it’s supposed to look like the Preform screen shot?

It’s time to clean your optics. They’re dirty. :slight_smile:

Whatever it was you printed appears to have printed just fine. Not sure how to explain it, but there is no way dirty optics could have turned rectangular columns in to stepped diameter discs. The printer printed what it was told to print. What Preform was showing isn’t what the printer was given to print.

That’s why I’ve got shocked when I see it. I guarantee the printing object is 100% same as the object in the Preform

There is no way that what you showed in Preform is what the printer printed. Somehow a different file is being run on the printer vs. what you see in Preform. I don’t think the Formlabs software has the ability to get jobs from “the cloud”, so the only way the job can be on the printer is if it was sent to the printer locally. Are you sure there’s not another copy of Preform running somewhere?

Powercycle/Reboot the printer. Reboot your PC, too. Make sure the printer and PreForm are up to date. Try again.

Hi Randy,
I will take a video and show you the whole process. I have few printing job saved on the Form 2. You are right, all local for sure.

Please review the new photo attached, in the center of the resin tank, there was something wrong with the initial layers, you would notice there are 5 objects in the Preform, so the printing job is exactly same as the one transferred from Preform.

I even thought there was having virus in the printer. :sweat_smile:

Your printer tried to print what you see in Preform.

Your optics are dirty, especially the galvo mirrors. A simple wipe with an appropriate material and alcohol will improve the results more than you might imagine possible.

In addition, there might be a problem with your Z-height, which caused the center object not to stick to the build platform.