Optics test question

I have a question about the optics test print. I just tried running the opitcs test.I currently have tough 2000 resin and an LT tank.Only the number 2 printed in the columns and they looked weird compared to the ones I pritned in clear.

Is the optics test valid for tough 2000 resin? I will post some pictures of the test result.


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Ouch. I haven’t used Tough 2000 on a Form 2 but that does not look right.

In the Optics Test file those towers are incrementally overcured (you can see that if you start deleting bits of them in Preform - IIRC some portions are duplicated or triplicated). Do you get the same effect if you just print a plain old model in one corner of your platform?

It was a dirty mirror issue. Once I cleaned the galvo mirros I got perfect prints again.it seems like where I keep my form2 is a bit dusty and I need to clean the galvo mirrors every 4-6 months


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