Form 2 Prints Supports but Not Model

Hello, I am new to 3D printing.

A friend gave me his old printer, a Form 2. It needed a new tank and new resin, which I purchased. However, after trying several print runs, all I get are supports/rafts but no models. I have updated to the latest firmware and when I use PreForm, there are no errors.

In terms of supports & setup, I have used the highest density “auto generate” and I have made the connection points 1 mm (which is larger than I have seen on others). Also, the models are all rotated to prevent large flats in a single layer.

I’d really like to get this running but I have no idea where to go from here.

Maybe you should clean the optical window and galvanometer of Form 2, and print an optical test to see if the optical part is normal.

The windows are clean and the galvo mirrors are clean, so it’s not an issue with that. The tank window is also brand new so it isn’t that as well.

What is the “optical test part”?

optical test file use to test for optics/ optical path degradation issues.

The 405 nm laser, the galvanometer mirrors, and the main mirror comprise the Form 2 optical system, along with the optical window and the acrylic window of the resin tank.

The condition of the optical system usually has a direct effect on print quality

you should print the OPTICS Test file at 0.1 mm. use Clear or Grey Resin if possible, or another Standard Resin

光学测试OpticsTest.form (1.0 MB)

Welcome to the Formlabs community!
The Form 2 is a great machine. Nice to have one given to you.

Does this happen with all files? What resin are you using?
The test file is a good start. If it prints fine in gray. Try printing it with the resin that is failing.

Certain resins are very difficult to print with certain geometries. Black is one of the most difficult. Clear is by far the most reliable.

As for cleaning, the mirrors are very hard to clean. You have to use a PEC pad (do not use anything else). Use IPA to do initial cleaning but if you see any ‘rainbowing’, spray a little bit of real windex (the amonia kind) onto a PEC pad and gently wipe the mirrors. I’ll probably get roasted for recommending that but that’s what I’ve been doing for years and it works great.

Keep in mind that geometry at the extremes of the tank challenge the galvos. So, keep geometry in towards the middle as much as possible.

Good luck!