PreForm generates odd internal supports, will they hold?

Hello, I just received my Form 2 on Monday and this is my first post. I have to say I am super excited and impressed my first prints have turned out beautifully, thanks to formlabs, these forums, and the many people who have shared their knowledge online on how to achieve a successful print with the Form 2.

My question is regarding the auto generation of internal supports, at around layer 1100 two internal supports start forming towards the center of the hollowed out model, at some point they intersect and 12 new supports start expanding outwards from that point for another 100 layers. Will this support structure fail?

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

Mostly likely they will fail or be deformed to some degree being that they are so small and kinda just out there. The peeling process will move them.

Sometimes the system will generate supports that are either inefficient or don’t make sense. I normally use the manual edit tool to slightly move these points and regenerate the supports. This normally fixes the problem.

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