PreForm, Inconsistent Supports and Advice

Hi All,

Just a quick question regarding PreForm and supports. I have symmetrical models and have generated supports, and I get strange results.

Firstly, why in a symmetrical object laid flat would one side of the structure be marked as red while the other side is fine?

Secondly, if you compare the side of the larger structure (symmetrical), why is there a row on supports on the right side (second image), while only two supports on the left side (first image)?

I haven’t tried this print yet, just waiting for isopropyl alcohol to arrive to test our my first print, but am definitely curious as to how this will go.

Any advice before I print would be great.

I hate to be a downer but this print will more than likely fail. First never print flat with SLA printers during the peel process the printer will create a high level of stress on the PDMS layer either ripping the tray apart, which would pretty much scrap the tray, or cause a giant glob of material to not stick to the build platform. I think that formlabs has tips on proper orientation when building parts but rule of thumb has been never run flat orientations and keep your high side closest to the hinge to increase success. Also while it may take more time printing multiple objects to speed things up this also adds more stress to the peel process thus resulting in more likely of a chance for failure. Sometimes its better to print one object at a time or smaller objects.

Now about the supports the computer I think generates the supports based on what if feels are high stress zones for the peel process. The system is not 100% sometimes you need to remove supports and sometimes you need to add them in, it all varies from model to model.

If it were me I would have the box like object running on a corner as shown below

hopefully this helps but I would make sure you look at the printing tips that formlabs has on their site just to get a good start with the Form 1+.

Good Luck

Not a downer at all, great advice. The information on orientation on Formlabs website is pretty limited, although the PreForm optimal tool did have it on an angle. I’ll take your advice and see how I go. Won’t be until next week as waiting on the Alcohol, but looking forward to seeing it in action :slight_smile:

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